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  2. News
    1. December 1, 2004
      1. OTL2HTML.PY Tool Gets Twisted Upgrade

        Noel Henson's python-based otl2html.py tool gets a rather serious but twisted upgrade. Mr. Henson claims that the tool can now take an outline and generate a surprisingly nice-looking web page. The extension would allow for entire websites to be developed using the world renowned Vim Outliner.

    2. November 28, 2004
      1. Hyperlinks and Images Are Added to OTL2HTML.PY

        In the same spirit as TXT2TAGS, otl2html.py can now process and include hyperlinks and images into the html files it creates. The hyperlinks can be to web pages, ftp sites, mail-tos or any other standard URL. The images can be included as just images or as hyperlinks. Check out the LJ logo in the menu.

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  4. Main

      Using VO to generate pages like this is surprisingly simple. A simple .otl file and the otl2html.py script is all you need. To see the file that generated this page, click here. By the way, a heading that stars with "_" won't show on the page. You can see examples of this in the aforementioned file. To invoke the otl2html.py tool enter the following from the command line:

    1. Example
         otl2html.py -D -s webpage.css demo.otl > demo.html 

      Have fun with this upgraded and potentially cool tool. lorem